Hello world!

I’ve been instructed by the blog ‘powers that be’ that the name of my first blog is to be named… ‘Hello world!’. Annoyingly apt however, as I understand it that one takes this opportunity to introduce oneself to the world of blogging.

So without any further ado ‘Hi Mum, Hi Dad!’. I kid, I kid. If I asked Mum to read my ‘blog’, she’d assume I was talking about the instructions for use on a new toilet cleaner.

Right, so back to introductions.

Hi Everybody!

Follow me here to catch up on my latest updates, pictures and general worldly revelations as I embark on what I intend on being Life Changing Journey Part 2.

Some guy named Mark Twain tells me not to regret not doing something in life, but instead to explore, to dream and to discover. His worldly wisdom however does not include a disclaimer explaining that exploring and dreaming and discovering are not without great cost, risk or consequence.

So with that, I invite you as my family and my friends in life to follow me as I attempt to stumble, jump, cheer, cry, drink, love, hate, lust and enjoy my way through this next part of my life.

Next stop. The World.


2 responses to “Hello world!

  • Liv


    Take that trade wind in your little paws and run with it. In thirteen days time this blog will become daily reading and I cannot WAIT.


  • Richard Foster

    Hi Tammy
    Well today was your last day at CA oh sorry The Institute blah blah blah.
    I have enjoyed working with and just love yr style doll. Have a great trip do lots greek men cause honey you know I would hehehehehehe.
    I cant wait to read your entries

    Richard Foster XXXX

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