Hey Seoul Sister

After arriving at Sydney Airport with that gurgling feeling in the pit of my stomach, I eventually managed to get through the Departure gates after a little bit of a teary goodbye to Mum, Gaz and Dee.

Boarding my much anticpated Korean Air Oceania flight I was pleasantly surprised by both the size and quality of this so-called sub par airline. Albiet filled with crazy cookie cutter Korean women fresh off the photo shoot from the Opera House onto the plane with the ‘Duty Free Shopping Guide’ firmly clutched to their breasts as the fifth bag of their goods gets delivered to their feet in a frenzy of Dior and Bvlgari. No doubt. I’m insanely jealous as I plaster my lips with Lucas Paw Paw oinment and they sample the latest SKII products.
Ugh. One day.

A short bus ride, a lovely night in a 4 star Best Western with a bubble bath, white robe and awesome slippers, I’m awaiting my trip back to the airport to board the plane for London. At which point I fear I may be a little more grumpy and jet lagged. (I know – cry me a river right?)

I will however keep you up to date anyway.

Till then.


2 responses to “Hey Seoul Sister

  • livhambrett

    Brilliant to hear you’ve landed safe and sound in Seoul Sister (officially known as from here on in). Good luck for the London leg, missing you already little Trazam xxx

  • Richard Foster

    Glad to hear your on yr way. Missing ya already. I have to annoy that Castro chick and you know how she hate a good banter.

    Whilst I write this you will be in the air inching closer to London you know as you stare at that screen with the little moving plane, they show on the video.

    Well its 6:30 and I am hungry, so enjoy your journey and I cant wait to read your next installment.

    Be bad and be good at it

    Richard Foster

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