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Don’t stop believing…

So I’ve been sitting in sun drenched Santorini for just under two weeks now absolutely loving it. I know I should keep rubbing that bit in right? Sorry.

I arrived on the Tuesday afternoon and was driven straight to our little room about 200m from Perissa Beach and greeted with both the lovely Hilton ladies. Lana had her mum and been staying in Fira for a couple of days before my arrival.

We spent the day and night exploring the beach/ sampling the cocktails and getting familiar with the locals. Roxanne, left early on Wednesday leaving Lana and I to our devices and try to make a life.

Well as fate would have it, some email access, some grocery shopping and a chilled out dinner later we were ready to hit the beach the next day looking for jobs.

Here friends is where I’ve run into some niggling issues.
1) at this point the season was too quiet for them to need staff
2) the government has absolutely drilled into employers that heavy fines will accompany all workers hired without ‘papers’.

With the help of some very friendly and willing Greek people I’ve managed to have a couple of bites about work. But no following through up until now.

Lana and I did manage however to score ourselves a nights work at a club on Kamari Beach called Albatross, at the official re-launch party we played ‘door bitches, promo girls and glassies’ all in one night. It was worth the experience, the 35 Euro and the 6am bedtime.

Well what else have you been doing over the last two weeks Tammy? I ask myself this and I come up with few and many answers. We’ve been enjoying the beach, the food, the music, the views, the sun. We hired a quad bike and explored a few of the neighbouring beaches and plan on doing so again next week. Who am I kidding right its been like an amazing holiday so far.

We headed to Ios for 2 days last week, staying at ‘Far Out Camping’, the place to be apparently… and so it was for every 18 – 20 something Aussie, Kiwi, Canadian or Yank this side of North America. The vibe on the island is completely different to that of Santorini, and whilst we had a good night out of the dance floors and I enjoyed the 4Euro Sex on the Beach (NO!! Not yet, and yes I’ll charge more), I think Lana and I both looked forward to returning to Perissa where things are little more chilled and a lot less…*insert words here*

Its Sunday now, and with the World Cup games being an hour behind us we’ve firmly planted ourselves at a couple of local haunts to watch the games with beers, coffees or cocktails in hand depending on the time of day. We’re hoping to get ourselves a couple of green and yellow table cloths this evening to fashion some Australian outfits before the game tonight! Woo.

With this all said, it appears folks I’ll be swapping one island for another sooner than I first expected. With decreasing prospects for a job and a bank account crying out for help, I’m looking at flying to Dublin by around the 22 June. I was realistic about the options before I got here, so whilst I’ll be super gutted to swap the 27C heat for the 17C wind chill factor, I’m on a journey where I need to keep moving forward.

That said, anything can happen right? So Don’t Stop Believing. I won’t. If you don’t.

Stay in touch.


Love Never Dies

This won’t be long, as I’m in an Internet Cafe in the middle of my Perissa. Fingers crossed mine and Lana’s new home. Alas, I must go backwards a little before I can start that story.

London – Take 2

After I departed the ever lovely Scotland, I made my way back by train to the awaiting arms of Hannah, another of my ex-Game colleagues. We spent the evening having dinner and then headed to a local watering hole to watch an unsigned bands evening. Great idea for a Monday night.

Tuesday, unfortunately with the steamy temperatures departed we braved on and headed for the seaside town of Brighton. I’d been there once before, on an awkward first date I’d prefer to forget about (stop writing about it Tammy), so I really hadn’t had my fair share of the experience.

H and I strolled the streets and walked into dress shop, after jewellery shop, both eventually succumbing to the lures of all things sparkly. Speaking of seagulls, I’ve yet to load pictures, but the seagulls here are on ‘roids. Seriously, the biggest fuckers I’ve ever seen. You want to duck and run when you see them swooping towards your lunch/head.

Brighton Pier

Wednesday, we had a casual morning with the gym and some breakfast and then headed back in London in the afternoon. We spent most of it walking up Regent Street admiring all the things I’d considering prostituting myself for so I could afford.

Meanwhile, for those of you going to, have ever been, planning to go to London… on a little side street near Saville Row you will find tucked beneath in an old building the little known Abercrombie & Fitch store, which Hannah insisted I see. Why? Because boys and girls the most good looking people this side Jersey Shore cover this store wall to wall. With wooden walls and staircases and lighting so dim you can barely see your own hand, this over perfumed hot bed of lustiness left me barely audible (for a good 5 minutes). Hot. Hot. Hot. Enough, I’m drooling and the lady next to me is looking at me funny.

That night we went to the much awaited performance of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s (aka ugliest woman alive) Love Never Dies. The sequel to the Phantom story, the musical left my heart soaring and breaking all at once. I loved every minute of it. It hits Oz in 2011. I’ll be there. So will you if you enjoy a great musical.

Love Never Dies

Thursday, H and I went back into London to explore St Paul’s Cathedral. After some stupid amount of stairs we made it to the top, to check out the 360 views of London town. The interior of the church is to be revered, covered in gold mosaics and religious paintings with a dome that rivals St. Peters.

Friday morning I left Hannah’s house and headed for my old stomping ground.


I headed back to Game in the afternoon to try and catch up with some old friends, unfortunately my timing was shat and most were ill or off on holiday. Which whilst sad, also meant I missed any X sightings.

Saturday involved an all girl and Luci’s little cherub Harry, shopping trip down to Southampton. We got stuck in traffic and then surrounded by chavs down there, we all made a few purchases and then high tailed it out of there.

Saturday night rolled around however and as ever Fi being the organiser of organisers made sure we had a group of the funnest people alive, made of up of new friends and old friends to hit the town with. The FB pictures, speak for themselves. We enjoyed every minute of it.

I spent the rest of the weekend, being well taken care of, and meeting up with friends who went to a lot of effort for me. Which meant a lot. It reminded me that I had a life there, made up of some really good quality people. Which was a lesson well learnt.

With that in mind, my time in the UK came to a close, so it would be apt of me to thank the many friends who have given me a bed, a couch and opened their homes and lives to me. Rosie, Nath, Hannah, Fi etc, next time its my turn.

Now, I’m in Santorini and the real challenge begins. Work, housing etc etc and all in the beautiful summer sun.

I’ll be in touch…