Bob’s your uncle


I don't have long (I know, I'm forever using this excuse), but I figured after 2 weeks it was high time for an update, considering so much has changed since I last wrote.

For those of you that 'kept the faith' my gratitude is unending. For after some heartfelt, well rehearsed renditions of Glee's cover of 'Don't Stop Believing' I managed to score myself a job, a house and a summer in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

After a morning of yet another let down, and a near decision to book a ticket to the Emerald Isle, Lana and I set off one last time down the main road in Perissa, determined to let fate decide. 12 hours later, Bob, the aptly named owner of Bob’s Bar gave me a job.

Bob’s is like a combination of your local RSL, pub or PJ’s only it’s outside, with dried palm trees and fairy lights for the decor. You’ll find the ‘older generation’ there who flock towards the never-ending array of Neil Diamond and Cat Stevens classics that blare out of the speakers 24/7 (I do not kid, or exaggerate). As a bar waitress, my duties include door bitching and running drinks orders to and from the bar. Mostly I make friends with the English couples on holiday, who come back every night and order the same drinks until they leave a week later.

I work from 6:30pm- 2am most nights, and so life really exists between waking up, going to work and partying at local (and only) dance club… ‘Beach Bar’. Please note for future blog references.

Lana managed to find a job the same day with a local Taverna and so we set about finding a place to live. I promise to post some pictures of every day life shortly. It’s an almost 2 bedroom place in the neighbouring beach of Perivilos and means we have hired bicycles to get to and from work. We figure it’s a good way of getting some excercise.


Just trying to get into the swing of things with some kind of routines, our days include the beach and or hanging out with friends. If need be we head into Fira (the ‘big’ city on the island) for things we can’t get in our chilled out little beach town.

Its getting hotter by the day here, and its set to get hotter and we’ll probably need to get some fans pretty shortly.

That’s me in a nutshell really. Hopefully a little update is better than none. I’m attempting to make the most of every day here, taking in every experience and the environment. To quote Bob’s bartender Vasilis (cannot wait to post his picture), ‘the girl loves the island, the air and the sun’. He’s right. She does.

For those awaiting email responses, I’m on it. I promise.

My new Greek number is +30 6956175586 for those who feel inclined.

Love to you all.


One response to “Bob’s your uncle

  • Hannah Crawford

    So glad to hear that you hadn’t had to cut the plan short and are maxing out on the blue sky and sea, rather than the rain of the emerald isle xx

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