The Reception Report

So, as it has eventuated I’ve stuck with my role at the company I started temping with in October. The ‘IT Software company in the Banking and Financial Securities industry’ offered me a contract for the length of my visa in Dublin. I politely declined and said, I’d love to stay until June 2011. 5 days before I plan on hot footing back to my Greek island for the summer.

Now I’m a 26-year-old Gen-Yer and I’m stuck being a Receptionist for 3 more months, but I’ve dealt with it and I’m letting my ‘OMG what are you doing, you should be an executive by now’ side shut the fuck up and I’m instead investing in the copious amounts of free internet surfing time.

Cue – The Reception Report. One of the fundamentel aspects of my role within the company is to pull a report each morning which outlines who in the company (we have an international head count of over 350) is on holiday or travelling. I know you’re now wiping the drool off your chin after the nap you’ve just had, but hold in a minute longer please.

Early in November, I took it upon myself to slip in a little picture of a snow man in the middle of Dublin’s coldest winter. With no fall out from management, I continued to insert little clip art pictures into the email. Then I got to the Christmas party and received a wave of feedback about my ‘little pictures’ making people open the email (getting to read the attachment is the next step).

Long story (longer than I anticipated anyway) short. I have now created an organisation wide expectation that the Reception Report comes complete with a funny/thoughtful/cute/interesting/CEO friendly/inoffensive image/quotes/song lyric/joke EVERY DAY.

I have managed (with more success than failure) thus far to do so. Sometimes I come down in a pile of flames and colleagues don’t hesitate to reinforce my occasional errors. “Animals that look unborn are bad” he commented. OK fine. Next time I’ll make sure the puppy has fur.

But I figure, I’d add my daily contributions to my blog, with or without the rationale behind the entry. That way I get to create a kind of a diary of my time in Dublin and here at ‘IT Software company in the Banking and Financial Securities industry’.

Enjoy. Don’t. Comment. Slag. Contribute. Whatev’s.

Here’s Tuesday, 8 March 2011


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