Born and raised in Capetown, South Africa – which may explain my penchant for being straightforward – I moved to Sydney, Australia at the age of 14.

Instead of university, I got on a plane and headed to England, where I lived and worked in Basingstoke for two years, travelling through the US and then Europe (including a stint stamping grapes in a vineyard in Italy) whenever possible.

Upon returning to Sydney, I did a Diploma in Business Marketing (Event Management) and settled into a Marketing Coordinator position. But, like all good Gen Y-ers, my perpetually itchy feet refused to settle, and road trips and Thailand breaks simply didn’t satiate.

Three years after returning home from the UK, I’m now back on the road, sharing my karaoke skills with Europe. Whilst for the most part I don’t know where I’m going – because that way I can’t get lost – for now I have settled on the sunny banks of Dublin, Ireland making the most of mini-breaks and adventures. After Dublin I intend on returning to the Greek islands for the Summer and then perhaps I’ll head North to Deutschland until Christmas.

I don’t know when I’ll be home. But it will most probably be with different hair, far too many dresses, kilograms of books and thousands of photos.


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